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Change furnace filter.

Change smoke detector batteries.

Test all G.F.I.s.

Check sump pump operation.

Check attic for possible roof leaks or infestation.

Check fire extinguishers.

Clean dryer vent piping.

Check exterior grading.

Check interior ceilings for potential water leaks.


 It's March already...  It's time to get the Christmas lights down!  Most of the snow has melted and you have no more excuses.  The neighbors will soon be talking about you!

It's time to have the lawn mower tuned up...  You are going to be cutting grass real soon.  Don't wait until the grass is six inches high to make your first attempt at starting it.

 It's time to repair any damaged window screens  that you will be needing.

It's time to repair or replace the doorwall screen that you will soon be needing

It's time to clean up the leaves from the gutters and yard that you meant to get to last Fall!

It's time to repair any lawn damage that an arrent snow plow may have done to your yard.

It's time to examine and repair any damage you may have caused to the roof shingles when you were chopping away the ice build up on your roof  this past winter.

It's time to clean the humidfier and find out why it was leaking and you had to shut it off this past winter.

It's time to fertilize the lawn...  Early Spring is usually included on any lawn maintenance schedule.

If you have a dog that you have been letting out back all winter I know what your yard looks like!!!  It's time for clean up!


Seal asphalt driveway.

Seal cracks on concrete surfaces.

Trim tree branches away from house.

Check all siding and trim. Re-paint a
nd re-caulk as needed.

Check brick chimneys for mortar cracks.

Check roof shingles and flashings.

Check  window and door weather stripping.


Clean debris from gutters.

Turn off circuit breaker or pull fuse block for central air.

Furnace should be cleaned and checked by contractor.

Check furnace filters and humidifiers.

Check all exterior caulking and reseal as needed.

Install storm windows if present.

Winterize irrigation systems.

Turn off exterior hose bibs.

Winterize lawn equipment.

Tune up snow blower.

Check attic for proper insulation and ventilation.
[12-18"  of insulation is recommended along with proper ventilation.]

Install storm windows and doors.

Make proper reservations for warm weather destination for January or February...   You will need it!!!